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E-book The Exercise Guide:

Exercising after a stroke; do it yourself!


The exercise guide is a practical tool for patients to start exercising independently from day one after a stroke. The exercises are all easy to perform either lying in bed or sitting in a chair. The exercises are divided into three levels of complexity each indicated by a different colour. As much as possible everyday activities are included in the given exercises.

The benefits in using this exercise guide

According to therapists, nurses and patients, the exercise guide is a powerful and low-cost tool to intensify rehabilitation treatment for patients after stroke without the need for extra personnel. 

How to purchase the e-book?

The e-book (pdf) exercise guide can be ordered from the website for € 5,00. For every guide that is sold, € 3,30 will go towards further development of exercises for stroke patients.
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The exercise guide was developed in 2010 in the Netherlands by the University Medical Centre Utrecht and Rehabilitation Centre De Hoogstraat in collaboration with professionals of seven hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes and patients of the Dutch stroke patients association. In 2013, the exercise guide was translated into English.


For contact and suggestions to improve the Exercise Guide:

Exercise Guide


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Recente  publicatie  kenniscentrum

  De Graaf JA, Van Mierlo ML, Post MW, Achterberg WP, Kappelle LJ, Visser-Meily JMA.

Long-term restrictions in participation in stroke survivors under and over 70 years of age.

Disabil Rehabil. 2018 Mar;40(6):637-645

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